Reasons to Drift #002

Ok, so the bubble of family commitments, and the pressures of an idealistic and commercialised festive environment are now over, and that means it’s time to start waking up from the rabbit hole.

But, before you do, I suggest you crawl back in and watch this video first. It’s a fantastic and wonderful piece of work, and worth ten minutes out of anyone’s day to realise how beautiful dance, music and the human body can be.

Another reason to drift…



Reasons to Drift #001

We all have a tendency to drift – be it daydreaming, walking, escaping somewhere – or more specifically: endlessly wasting time on a mindless trawl through the World Wide Web – yes, we love it!

I was the king of daydreaming in school, but as I am of a particular age now, I like to waste my time instead by searching out glorious things on the internet to help me drift away – just as much as the next person!

Due to a canny knack I seem to have developed for finding great content (ok, Vimeo staff picks and an unhealthy internet obsession does help!), and my love for all things creative, I have decided to start my ‘Reasons to Drift’ series. As I just came up with the idea within the last hour I have no idea where this will go, but I think it’s worth sharing some of the awesome things I find, so I can be a kind of filter for everyone out there who struggles to find something worth while to get lost in… Enjoy…

Episode #001

I have a deep infatuation with the natural world – this pretty much sums up why. An exquisite piece of work; just watch and drift…

This Is a Dream

Choices we make in life are not predetermined. They are ours; they are now.


Dream, but dream consciously and creatively.

Change, but change systematically and care free.

Feel, but feel real and empathically.

Relax, but relax in silence, infallibly.

Creativity: Stigma and Labelling

Before reading this text I suggest you watch the video below to get a feel for the direction of this post.


I watched this video and within minutes it brought me to tears.

It’s not only the content and delivery that contributed to this impact, but it’s the between the line look in his eyes that tells the story. To see such a beautifully creative mind suppressed under the boundaries modern society instils in us is the real tragedy here.

The stigma, especially in decades gone (and still now!), that someone who “thinks”, “acts”, and just “is”, a different person to the stereotyped “norm” is a problem that our species has, and continues to have, is an underlying tone that I can’t ignore.

Creativity is such an expressive, soulful engagement, and at the same time it’s accessible to all of us. The problem lies in our perception of creativity as an acceptable direction for our brains to go in, due to education, and the stigma behind being “different”. Trapped in a system that actively discourages alternative ways of thinking is crippling to a child that has to rely on the guidance of people who weren’t able to break free for themselves – by no fault of their own, no doubt.

Often, and more so in this day and age, a person will be labelled with one of many so-called disorders, or learning difficulties – ADHD for one example. Instead of treating the needs of that child/person with alternative and creative means of education and guidance, the goal is to “help” the child by suppressing natural tendencies, and integrating them into our broken society due to stereotypes and stigma’s passed down through generations for hundreds of years. The fact that we are still in this position now, and still leading our mind set on such outdated ideas on “who” we are – or should I say “who we should be” – is a pretty sobering thought.

Alonzo was institutionalised for ten years because of this very mind set. It is clear to see that it was a very uncomfortable experience for him, and thankfully it has been recognised that he is just a different kind of human being. It bothers me slightly that he is still labelled under a mental condition called Savant Syndrome – “Rain Man” style – but at least he is finally being nurtured and able to have a level of freedom, independence and most of all happiness in his life.

We still have a lot of growing to do as a species to rid ourselves of stigmas and labelling – both of which I feel limit us way more than we realise – but I’d like to think that the more we open ourselves up to the massive diversity and dynamics human beings possess, the better equipped future generations will be in to create change and lead perception of differences within us in a far more creative way.

Plastic Dreams on the Berlin U-Bahn

There are many things that can come from the impending ride on the underground line in Berlin. Questions like – do I listen to music today? Do I read a book? Do I go in with no entertainment at all and join the rest of the people in a game of intriguing ping-pong eyes? None of these, or anything else for that matter really bothers me about riding the U-Bahn in Berlin; in fact I really enjoy it.

The only time I don’t enjoy it, is the moment the train begins it’s slow creep to a stop, and the carriage with the infamous plastic bucket seats looms ever closer like a dark cloud. It’s that moment when you are trapped in the realisation they are coming, but there’s no way out, because you’re just too slow to react – probably due to the fact you can sometimes go a whole month without a chance encounter – it’s not even in the mind set! The carriage stops in front of you, and a tiny piece of your heart breaks as the doors open to reveal the shiny rigid exterior. Surely no one actually enjoys sitting on those terrible seats? If they were specifically designed to hurt your ass, even with good posture, then they work perfectly. I would actually love it if someone gave me another outlook on these seats, maybe to some it is the perfect bucket to bum ratio? I find no matter what my choice of entertainment is in this carriage, the plastic seat takes charge. Give me the warmth of the bench style soft furnishings any day.


My Po It Poem

“Po is a magic word. It will do all you want it to do if you believe in it.” Edward De Bono, Po: Beyond Yes and No (1972).


Po It


Po Thought.

Po Conflict.

Po Ideals.

Po No.

Po Yes.

Po Boundaries.

Po Beauty.

Po Love.

Po Life.

Po Yourself.


I’m ready to po, are you?

Wancho Risin Podcast #001

I’ve decided to do a podcast series of vibes that I’m feeling. The first one is a slow jam, hip hop beats cast, with a few tunes I’ve been listening to over the last few months. This will be the first of many different genre orientated mixes that I plan to do, so hopefully I can give a bit of exposure to the artists involved, and give a fresh listening experience to anyone who cares to indulge… Enjoy…